Cars Design Future Innovation and Simplicity

We agree with that automobiles are becoming overcomplicated and overdesigned. The Cactus M is all approximately the spirit of simplicity. all of the first-rate vintage Citroën have a romantic feeling to them: the 2CV, the Méhari, the DS, the car dvd, the android vehicle GPS. That’s what we’re looking to recapture right here.

automobiles have become greater complicated yes, however don’t count on everybody needs more devices. My young designers of their 20s are buying ‘young-timers’ of their spare time – ’80s and ’90s cars like Porsche 944s. They appreciate easy pleasures. If we do upload era like protection features to our range, they have to operate by way of car dvd player seamlessly within the background.

We’ve designed the Cactus M across the surfer lifestyle: we spoke to actual surfers and that they loved icons like the VW Combi and our vintage Méhari seashore buggy. however why shouldn’t present day automobiles slot into humans’s life too? i hope in destiny we will provide gm navigation for extra niches, so customers don’t have to visit aftermarket suppliers like Thule to carry their surfboards and bicycles. We must be imparting for our clients’ needs.

Airbump is an instance of design and engineering operating hand in hand. The styling team came up with the concept at the start and had no concept how it would work in manufacturing. it could have been inflatable or a special fabric – however the engineers went away and made it paintings. people both love Airbump or hate it. we are able to keep to increase the generation consist of android vehicle gps, but it won’t feature on every new Citroën shifting forwards. It divides opinion too much.

we love pushing our designs to the bounds, but we should be restricted by using economic reality. Headlamps are a living proof: we will do amazing matters with LED lighting fixtures, but one LED prices greater than six bulbs. There’s no point designing something that’s going to feature €500 to the retail rate if it puts the automobile out of reach of its typical customers.

Innovation is what Citroën is all approximately. The DS famously pushed the bounds and so did the Traction Avant – one of the first cars with a monocoque chassis. It made it two hundred-300kg lighter than the opposition. That’s authentic innovation.

Citroën can do luxurious motors with pinnacle elegance android car stereo nevertheless – it’s only a specific expression. it is able to be relaxing, like yachting. That’s the French that means of luxury – it’ll be very one of a kind from the German top rate way of doing it.relying at the assignment we’re working on, we from time to time ask the Citroën heritage team to convey up one of the antique models which come with car dvd player from our again catalogue. we will’t force them, but they do spend time in our studio. There’s no extra suggestion.